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Where Design Meets Cuisine: A Ilegítima's Interior Design Journey

In September 2020, the seeds of an exciting creative partnership were sown as Mid Mod became entwined with the inception of A Ilegítima — a gastronomic enterprise brought to life by Anne Colin. As she stood on the cusp of launching her restaurant concept, Anne sought to enhance its interiors with the design expertise of Henrique Salgado. In May 2021, A Ilegitima officially opened its doors.

Through a seamless fusion of Mid Mod's distinctive furniture pieces and Anne's discerning taste and intuition, the space took on an extraordinary personality. Vintage treasures, including the iconic Kant Stool and the Prefa Armchair by Portugal’s own José Espinho, graced the space, amongst other exquisite pieces - exuding a timeless allure that perfectly complemented Anne's culinary artistry. Furthermore, some carefully selected pieces from Mid Mod are available for purchase from Anne, offering patrons the chance to bring a touch of the restaurant's unique ambiance into their own homes.

Over the years, A Ilegítima has blossomed and flourished, transcending its label as a 'restaurant.' It has evolved into an intimate haven where guests are warmly embraced by delectable flavours and the palpable warmth of Anne's hospitality. This journey shared by two creative minds reflects a harmonious merging of passions, crafting an extraordinary space that continues to captivate diners and visitors alike. As we step into A Ilegítima's inviting ambiance, we are reminded of the magic that happens when art, design, and gastronomy intertwine, leaving us with an unforgettable dining experience etched in our hearts.


Photos by Nicolas Buisson for Observador Lifestyle No.13, 2021

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