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This side table was designed by Sergio Rodrigues and produced by OCA, in Brazil during the 1970's. Is is made of exotic wood, with a simple design that makes the beauty of the wood shine. It was completely restored. With label of the manufacture underneath. In 1955, Sergio Rodrigues created "Oca, the store that revolutionized the idea of furniture in Rio de Janeiro.(...) At first, Oca sold furniture made in São Paulo, but before long Sergio's creations came to occupy most of the space. In addition, Oca also sold innovative Dominici light fixtures and beautiful fabrics designed by the artist Fayga Ostrower. With support pouring in from architects who saw in the store a new option to organize the settings for their interiors with good commercial acceptance, Oca grew rapidly on the market." (...) "When I imagined opening a shop that represented Brazilian furniture, I came up with a name that was, in a way, enough to determine what I had in mind," said Sergio. "So I did not use my name, as one would imagine, of course, for the production company, because that is not what it was all about. I used a name that could add value to the work of other designers and materials. That was what Oca was about. And, in this case, the starting material was, naturally, Jacaranda." - in Instituto Sergio Rodrigues website.

Brazilian Side Table by Sergio Rodrigues for OCA, 1970's

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  • Restored

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