“An office lamp that swivels at its base, with an adjustable lampshade, chrome arms and a glass diffuser. This model was manufactured with a lampshade either completely of metal or with green, red or grey glass on the top part of the shade. It appeared at SIMO and in Fase Advertising leaflets in 1967. There is a 1967 patent for this lamp, which is very similar to a model by José Luis Gugel Sancha. Therefore, we conclude that De la Oliva adapted the 510 to give it the “Fase touch” (wooden detailing, etc).” In Fase, the book - mystery solved. 2018.

Fase Madrid model 510, by José Luis Gugel Sancha, 1967

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  • Width  51 cm
    Depth  36 cm
    Height  38 cm Base Diameter 23 cm