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This set of bowls were designed and produced by Pyrex, in USA, during the 1950's.
This pretty glassware has ties to Upstate New York. Pyrex was introduced in 1915 by the Corning Glass Works, now known as Corning Incorporated in Corning NY. Chemists at Corning Glass Works created a special borosilicate glass that was resistant expansion and contraction during changes in temperature. This new glass—branded as “Pyrex”—held up under quick, extreme temperature changes, which made it ideal for railroad lamps, laboratory glassware, and eventually, it was discovered the glassware is exceptional for cooking. Some interesting history: Every post-WWII Bride wanted this set as a wedding gift. Pyrex sold many sets and they were the work-horse of the "modern" 1940'-50's kitchen.
In this set the glass is white with the "primary" color over the white. The set has no stains, cracks, nicks or chips. The exteriors have use wear with some scratches, specially in the red and green bowls, and have rim feathering. Stamped underneath.

Set of four Vintage PYREX Primary Color Mixing Bowls, 1950s

SKU: 745
  • Original Vintage Condition

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