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This bowl was designed and produced by Daum, in France, during the 1950's. It has a typical classic and pure design in crystal glass. With the signature engraved on the external side of the "Daum France" base. In original and good vintage condition, with no chips or cracks.
The Daum family worked at the beginning of the Art Nouveau era and created one of the most outstanding glassworks in France. Established at the end of the 19th century, Daum's reputation was originally linked to the Ecole de Nancy and the art of pâte-de-cristal , a major contributor in terms of its worldwide reputation. During the 1900 Universal Exhibition, Daum was awarded a ''Grand Prix'' medal. Daum glass became more elaborate. Acid etching (by Jacques Grüber ) was often combined with cutting, enamelling and engraving on a single piece of glass to produce creative glass masterpieces. The Daum brothers soon became a major force in the Art Nouveau movement, seriously rivaling Gallé. In 1906, Daum revived paté de verre (glass paste), an ancient Egyptian method of glass melting. Today Daum still uses this method to produce his pieces. 

Vintage Crystal Bowl by Daum France, 1950's

SKU: 633
  • Original Condition

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