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Introducing a rare gem from the 1970s—the JVC Videosphere Portable TV, produced in Japan. This iconic orange model, one of the rarest colors, encapsulates the futuristic and innovative design ethos of its era.


As described in an original advertisement from the 70s, the JVC Videosphere TV is not merely a television; it is a mobile, hanging sculpture, showpiece, and conversation starter. Its versatile design offers three power options for complete take-along enjoyment: standard household current, a special cigarette lighter cord for car, camper, or boat, and a rechargeable battery pack.


This unique television turns a full circle, swivels up and down, and can even hang from the ceiling, adding a distinctive touch to any space. Despite its age, this JVC Videosphere is in good working condition. While it is missing the original antenna, a spare one will be included.


For collectors and vintage enthusiasts, this Videosphere represents a rare opportunity to own a piece of entertainment history. Its striking orange color, combined with its functional and aesthetic appeal, makes it a standout addition to any collection.


Don’t miss out on this chance to own a piece of retro technology that is both a functional device and a piece of art. Contact us today to add this extraordinary JVC Videosphere Portable TV to your collection.

1970’s JVC Nivico 3240SW Videosphere TV Orange

SKU: 803
  • Width: 28 cm

    Height: 33 cm

    Depth 28 cm

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