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Step into the captivating world of 1970s Spanish design with the "Arc" floor lamp, meticulously crafted by T-PONS in Barcelona. This rare gem features a multi-position tubular structure crafted from lustrous chrome metal, offering flexibility and versatility in illumination. Its mobile screen boasts a ball joint system, allowing for effortless adjustment in height and various positions, ensuring optimal lighting for any space. The lamp's stability is guaranteed by a substantial cast iron base, enabling easy height and orientation adjustments. Preserved in its original vintage condition, with a meticulously revised electrical system, this lamp stands as a testament to both its enduring craftsmanship and functional design. Illuminate your surroundings with the timeless allure of this exceptional vintage piece.

Arc Floor Lamp by T-Pons, Spain 1970's

SKU: 797
  • Width: 110 cm

    Depth: 31 cm

    Height: 152 cm

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