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This portable television 'Jim Nature' was designed by Philippe Starck for Saba in France, in 1994.
At a time when black plastic was the predominant material for making casing for electrical goods, French industrial designer Philippe Starck opted to use a high-density chipboard for his Jim Nature television set; a provocative and environmentally friendly alternative. His design proves that a poor-quality material, traditionally hidden under veneer, can instead have a potent, appealing aesthetic impact.
This 'Jim Nature Portable TV' is therefore only produced in a limited edition. Due to the vulnerability of the product, there is not much left. Now exhibited as example of 20th Century design in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) of New York. In original and good condition, with the original remote that hides in the back of the TV.

Jim Nature Portable TV' by Phillipe Starck for Saba, 1994

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  • Original Condition

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