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This artwork, is one of a series of 40 lithographs created by Stephane Couturier, a French photographer, and it s a representation of the "104", a cultural center in Paris and a former morgue. This work was created with multiple exposures.
"Over the past twenty-five years, the overlapping of Stéphane Couturier’s physical constructions and their photographic reconstructions has played a crucial role in breaking down the barriers between photography and the plastic arts. From one signature topic to another (historical cities, building sites, high-rise blocks and factories), from one polyptych to its counterpart, and from Structuralist film to vast photographic strips printed and pasted directly onto gallery walls, Couturier has unfurled a whole gamut of strategies to counter the common belief, now raised to the ranks of doctrine, that sees images as transparent, mere conveyors of visual information." - Extract from "Deconstruction site", by Matthieu Poirier, September 2016.

Lithograph of 104 by Stephane Couturier, 2008

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  • Original Vintage Condition

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