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This set of geese was designed and made by Abraham Palatnik, in Brazil, during the 1970's. The Brazilian artist Abraham Palatnik (1928 - 2020) was the founder of the technological movement in Brazilian art, and a Pioneer in making Kinetic sculptures. In the late 40th (1949) he created his first “Kinechromatic Devices”. Many an optical experiment followed in the 1950s and 1960s.
This pieces, made of acrylic glass, are part of the Artemis collection that was built in Brazil in the seventies in a factory that Abraham has opened and produced until 2001. His first projects were inspired by rock paints, geometric figures and uneven objects. In the collection were hundreds of different figurines. They are mostly animals, but also human- and abstract figures can be found in it. This set is in original and good condition, with the Palatnik signature in each piece.

Mid-Century Modern Set of Geese in Acrylic Glass by Abraham Palatnik, 1970's

SKU: 448
  • Original condition

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