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This pair of Storage Units from the Profilsystem Collection, was designed by Elmar Flötotto for Flötotto, in Germany, during the 1980's. The principle behind the Profilsystem it is simple. The modules can be easily combined with one another. They become towers, islands or functional walls. Thanks to the stacking corners and connecting plates, they are stable and can be separated again at any time and regrouped as desired. Still produced today, this is a high-quality piece with profiles in natural beech, sanded round on all sides which is screwed to a full-frame construction with its specially developed corner connections. The surface color, an olive green, is unique and very typical from this period. With original tag. The wood and the green surface are in original and good condition.

Pair of Vintage Profilsystem Collection Storage Units by Flötotto

SKU: 487
  • Original Condition

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