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This telephone table was designed by Daciano da Costa for Metalúrgica da Longra in 1971. "It is a system of office furniture, following an ethos of rationalizing bureaucratic work. The project for the Dfi line would focus on creating a system capable of materializing the concept of a complex workstation, surrounding the user with a set of tops suited to different tasks and equipment.
Yet it was hoped that this would be an affordable line, for large-scale production, capable of meeting the growth in demand resulting from the expansion of the tertiary sector in Portugal. The utopian dimension of the project – expressed from the outset by the label “Dfi”, from the French défi (“challenge”) – was expressed as much in the aspiration for a rationality without limits as in the defense of the designer as interpreter of the consumer’s aspirations in relation to the industry.
Units Produced until 1983: 40 500 desks, 10 500 meeting tables, 18 700 cabinets" - in Daciano da Costa's Website. This piece is in original and good vintage condition.

Telephone table, “Dfi” Line, by Daciano da Costa for Metarlúrgica da Longra

SKU: 724
  • Original Condition

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