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The Tiburón desk lamp by Luis Peres de La Oliva for Grin Luz is a unique and rare vintage piece that is perfect for any retro-inspired interior. Manufactured in Spain during the 1960's, this lamp features a swiveling base and a shade that can be adjusted in all directions. The arm of the lamp is a combination of wood and chrome, giving it a sleek and modern look. Equipped with two E27 sockets behind the glass diffuser, this lamp provides ample lighting for any workspace or reading nook. The Tiburón desk lamp is a must-have for collectors and lovers of mid-century design.


“Nonetheless, in our opinion, the most attractive lamp that Luis Pérez de la Oliva designed for Grin Luz is model whose name is unknown, like all the other models of this brand, and for which we have not been able to find a patent. It is a lamp that has the typical Fase look of which we have talked about (rotating ball-bearing base, familiarly shaped shade, cooling glass diffuser; swivel shade, wood in the base), but it bears a unique trait: the arm has a very particular shape that, at least to us, is reminiscent of a shark fin. We therefore take the liberty to temporarily baptise this model Tiburón (Shark), at least until a Grin Luz catalogue shows up. It was offered in two finishes: in paint-to date we have found it in black, Corinthian red and grey-or in chrome.
Because all the models have a chrome arm, the chrome version, which also has a chrome cooling glass diffuser, chrome base, and chrome shade, is simply spectacular.
Your two authors have a particular weakness for the chrome version of this lamp, which is part of their personal collections.“ in Fase the book - mystery solved by Óscar Jiménez Serrano and Juan Luis Goméz Frieiro. 2018.

"Tiburón" Desk Lamp by Luis Peres de La Oliva for Grin Luz, 1960's

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