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This iconic TV was designed and produced by Sharp Cooperation Osaka, in Japan, during the 1970's. Solid state between portable television sharp 3 S 111 C cubic design. A real space age design classic, to be seen in science fiction movies, all important design museums worldwide and featured in all good books about 20th century design.
Made in orange ABS plastic.It's portable by chrome handle on front. You can tip on it and it will come out of the body. The cubic body sits on a turnable base (embodies the AC adapter), kind of a tulip feet. It's removable from the cubic screen body.
The original antenna is straight and complete.
Fully serviced collectors item working on 220V and 50Hz with a EU two pin plug. In original and good vintage condition.

Vintage Orange Sharp 5P 12G Portable Cube TV Space Age, 1970s

SKU: 668
  • Original condition

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