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"Dreams of Portugal"

A Curatorial Journey with Tim Campbell

At Mid Mod, we eagerly embrace the opportunity to collaborate with exceptional designers, witnessing their visions come to life. Join us as we reflect on an inspiring curatorial journey, working alongside esteemed designer Tim Campbell in his quest for those extraordinary pieces that would complete the story of his new Lisbon home, as featured in the American magazine Interiors (February + March 2023). With the magic of stylist Edward Schilling and the finesse of photographer Karyn Millet, the creative team united to transform this artistic endeavour into a tangible reality.

When our paths crossed with a design aficionado exploring Portugal's rich furniture heritage, it was a meeting of kindred spirits. As collectors of mid century furniture, lighting, and art, we had a diverse range of pieces that resonated with Tim's aesthetic. At Mid Mod, our passion for guiding design enthusiasts through the captivating realm of mid century furniture goes beyond mere commerce. It is about cultivating relationships, fostering collaboration, and nurturing a shared love for all things beautiful. Guiding Tim through the labyrinth of Lisbon's design landscape was a delight.

Our goal was to curate a home that not only aligned with Tim's distinguished taste but also evoked the spirit of Lisbon's artistic heritage. Each carefully selected and thoughtfully placed piece tells a story, reflecting our dedication to 20th-century design and the symbiotic relationship we share with those who trust us with their visions. Additionally, we had the privilege of connecting Tim with artist Sebastião Lobo, whose unique contributions added an authentic and soulful dimension to his home.

As we reflect on this extraordinary journey, we are reminded of the power of collaboration, the joy of unexpected discoveries, and the beauty that emerges when design and personal expression intertwine. We treasure these opportunities to work closely with talented individuals, weaving their stories and inspirations into meticulously curated spaces. Tim Campbell's Lisbon home stands as a testament to our collaborative spirit and the lasting impact of thoughtful design.


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